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Total Body Balance System

Total Body Balance System
Pharmaxa Labs
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Suffering on a diet that is going nowhere? Tired of feeling bloated, tired and unfit? STOP FUSSING OVER FADS DIETS… The Total Body Balance System can get your body back on track!

Happy Couple Remember when you were 20 and you thought you were fat? Oh yeah, the pictures we reminisce about 10, 20 and 30 years later haunt as we wish we could turn back the hands of time to regain that figure! Well now you can with the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM.

What makes a body balanced?

  • No extra water weight that weighs you down
  • A colon that functions regularly to clear out toxins
  • A metabolism that burns like a furnace
  • A program that keeps you on track and in focus
Seem easy enough? Not for most people! Getting your body back on track after years of abusing it with fatty foods, lack of exercise and not keeping it hydrated can really wear on your self esteem! But now you can rely on the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM to jump start your weight loss! Make it a breeze to look and feel like you did in your 20’s; eliminate excess water safely and effectively from the body, detox your body of harmful pesticides that inhibit weight loss and finally…LOSE THE WEIGHT!

What does the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM do for you?

  • Reduce Your Weight
  • Better Overall Health
  • Increases Energy Levels and Drive
  • Give You Clearer and Smoother Skin
  • Clean and Detoxify Colon, Kidneys, Lungs, and Heart
  • Better Absorption of Vitamins & Minerals From Food
  • Increase Immune System Support
  • Give You a Metabolism that Burns Calories NON-STOP


The TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM is a 3 part program that works to tackle three major weight-loss issues that are almost always over looked when trying to lose weight. Happy Couple
  • A Dirty Colon
  • Water Retention
  • A Sluggish Metabolism
So how do you fix it? The TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM program jumps starts your weight loss with a unique 3 part program that focuses on the body from the inside out, making you not only feel better, but see better results faster!

If you’re tired of…

  • Dieting
  • Feeling Bloated
  • Not seeing the weight come off with regular diet and excersize

The 3 Keys to Weight Loss Success...

The TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM program consists of three products which help promote optimum health and vitality in several different ways:


Colopril™ Colon Cleanser is a powerful, yet all-natural colon cleansing kit containing a stimulating yet soothing solution made from a precise blend of herbs and botanicals. Ingredients like Cascara Seed, a natural laxative and Psyllium seed, which aids in the function of waste elimination in the intestines. Colopril™ is specially formulated to detoxify your body by removing parasites and heavy metals like lead and mercury, while preventing the formation of new build-up through dietary fiber. Colopril™ has many benefits that will leave you feeling better than you ever felt before: Colopril
  • Reduced Weight (average loss 5-20 pounds)
  • Better Overall Health
  • Increased Energy Levels and Drive
  • Clearer and Smoother Skin
  • Cleans and Detoxifies Colon, Kidneys, Lungs, and Heart
  • Better Absorption of Vitamins & Minerals From Food
  • Increased Immune System Support


Expelis™ is a unique proprietary blend, containing all natural ingredients that are effective in maintaining the critical balance of electrolytes essential to optimal health. Expelis™ has natural ingredients such as Parsley, Juniper Berry and Green Tea Leaf which is proven to help eliminate excess water weight.

Want to wake up lighter?

  • Does your weight fluctuate by several pounds within a 24 hour period?
  • Battling to lose those last few pounds?
  • Failing the “finger press test?” (Press your fingernail into your thumb-pad, does it stay dented for more than a second or two?)
Expelis™ is guaranteed effective with its all-natural, water weight reducing, ingredients. With Expelis™, all you need to do is take the small, easy to swallow capsules, after your morning and afternoon meal. You will see powerful results in as little as 12 hours!

Studies have shown that the ingredients in Expelis™ help to:
  • Safely Maintain Water Equilibrium Without Depleting Essential Electrolytes
  • Reduce Water Retention Quickly Using a Potent, Synergistic, All Natural Diuretic
  • Promote a Healthy Urinary Tract
  • Restore and Support Healthy Water Balance!
  • Expelis™ is 100% Safe, Natural and Effective!


Phenocal™ is a clinically proven dietary supplement that helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Phenocal™ has a proprietary blend of ingredients containing a revolutionary blend of Hoodia Gordonii, and Green Tea Extract, along with other potent thermogenic compounds that are proven to boost metabolism, suppress and control appetite, increase energy levels, and provide safe, natural, and effective weight loss.

How Will You Succeed With Phenocal™?

  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Safely Boosts Metabolism
  • Promotes Suppression and Control of Appetite
  • Helps Maximize Diet and Exercise Results
  • Provides Dynamic Thermogenic Effects
  • Increases Fat-Burning
  • Contains Patented and Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Provides Safe, Natural, and Effective Weight Loss!
Colopril™ , Expelis™ and Phenocal™ together give you the most comprehensive weight management system available anywhere in the world today! Why wait another minute suffering from diets and exercise programs that are showing you no results? Your body is telling you that you need to take care of it from the inside out! You can do it with the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM

Plus a Free Bonus…

When you order the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM get a free Personal eBook to help keep your new healthy lifestyle on track.

  • Simple Steps to help you follow the 3 part TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Exercise plan
  • Tips on Healthy living

Enjoy All This…

Expelis™ - for revolutionary water weight management
Colopril™ - To detoxify and cleanse your body
Phenocal™ - To support weight loss and boost your metabolism

If you have tried just about everything on the market in search of relief from diets that don’t work, feeling tired and bloated or if you’re specifically looking for the best TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM, look no further! You can use these products together without any side effects and because the products are made with you in mind you wont have to worry about combining them into your everyday life. Get your body back in balance, with the TOTAL BODY BALANCE SYSTEM !

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